What Makes Great Design

Art & Design

Design is a discipline like any other that requires a multitude of steps to produce the final product.  Creating a fabulous design takes creativity, research, trial and error, and the ability to execute the design using the latest software and integrating illustration, color theory, lay out, typography and photography skills, etc…

Creativity is a must. You have to be able to think outside the box, outside of the bland, redundant and boring. I do this by researching current design styles and the industry I’m designing in. Then I incorporate my clients’ particular requirements. I roll all that into one concept and then try  to convey that visually. That process takes lots of trial and error. I create multiple, simple comps and show them to my client, who ultimately makes revisions. Having the ability and experience using the latest design software, Adobe Creative Cloud, helps speed the creation of each comp. I rely heavily on my fine art background to include original illustrations and digital manipulations. The revision process continues until the client and I have produced the final design together.

Ultimately, as a graphic designer, collaboration guides the entire creative process. The client needs to be involved as much as possible, since my design is the visual representation of their idea.

A great graphic designer can take any client from any industry and any background and create a novel, timeless and appropriate design which concisely communicates the clients’ vision.

It’s an amazing process and I love every minute of it.


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