Graphic Design & You

Art & Design
What Can Graphic Design Do for You?

A graphic designer, like myself, can help you create all types of designs, illustrations and graphics for your various needs. You may be a start-up company looking to create a fresh, new brand. This includes a logo, tag line, company color scheme, font choices, corresponding responsive website and/or app, business cards and printed marketing materials. Or you may be a bride-to-be with a wedding to plan. You need beautiful invitations, magnets and personalized gifts and other graphics made. Or you could be part of a corporation’s communication department who needs PowerPoint presentations designed, a website to update, printed brochures to pass out to customers, layout and publish company communications and professional photographs taken at functions to be published in the company newsletter. All of these services can be provided by me and any other professional graphic designer.

Samples of Various Designs Made for Individuals, Start-Ups & Corporations
Services Provided by a Graphic Designer

Concept Creation – Company Tag Line – Logo Development – Corporate Branding – Responsive Web Design – User Experience Design – Animations – Interactive Design – PowerPoint Presentations – Product Design – Event Graphics – Interactive CDs – SlideShows – Movies – Custom Illustrations & Cartooning – Digital Artwork – Promotional Items – Tee-Shirt Designs – Digital Signage – Professional Photography & Photo Editing – Billboards – Car Wraps- Printed Marketing Materials – Banners – Signs – Posters – Invitations – Books – Instruction Manuals –  BluePrints – Badges – Company Templates – Business Cards – Brochures –  Pamphlets – Charts & Graphs – Catalogs – Menus – Maps

 If you are in need of any of the above, you know where to find me!

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