Sun Porch Renovation Update

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If you have been following my blog, you’ll know that about four months ago we had a tornado hit our little house and a huge tree limb crashed through the ceiling of our sun porch. Since then we have been hard at work repairing the damage.

We had new roof installed with new insulation, the iron railings on the front steps remade because they were crushed, a new window installed where the broken one was, repaired the hole in the ceiling, ripped up the water damaged carpet and floor tiles to reveal an old, painted hard wood floor, ripped up the rotten floor boards, insulated under the porch, repaired the tongue and groove floor, added new shoe molding and then sanded and painted it, restoring it to the original floor. We have done a lot of work! But it’s all finished, thanks to my wonderful husband Jonny and my dad John.

Now all I need to do is finish decorating! I have old fashioned white wicker chairs and matching love seat coming and I’m buying a new oval rag rug to go in the center of the floor. Once I get those the porch will be done!

On to the next project, my closet!



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