The American Veteran’s Disabled for Life Memorial

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 My Father-In-Law’s Vision Comes to Fruition

This past weekend, my father-in-law, Art Wilson’s dream of a memorial dedicated to all disabled veterans came to life. The American Veteran’s Disabled for Life Memorial was dreamt by Art and Lois Pope, a wealthy philanthropist over 16 years ago and have been working feverishly to create it. The memorial was dedicated October 5th at it’s location in downtown DC. The President, Mr. Barack Obama, spoke along with national spokesman, Gary Sinese, the Secretary of Interior, the Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs, as well as many others. It was a momentous occasion and was an honor to be a part of it.


The memorial is dedicated to all disabled veterans, past and present, with both physical and invisible wounds, like PTSD, that served in all conflicts and belonging to all branches of the military, who have sacrificed a piece of themselves to ensure our freedom. Stories from many of these veterans adorn the beautiful glass panels surrounded by bronze statues and a grove of Ginko and Cypress tress, while an eternal flame burns in the center of a star-shaped reflecting pool as a constant reminder of their sacrifice. I encourage everyone to visit this place of peace and love dedicated to those of us who have sacrificed so much for all of us. We must never forget that for a warrior injured in war, their fight has just begun when they return home. We must support them and their families as they recover from their wounds and can start a new life as an honored civilian.

Please visit and to view the memorial or to donate to help the nation’s disabled veterans.


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