Color Palettes and You

Art & Design
by Liz Wilson

There are many design elements that make up a great looking logo, web site or company brand. Color is one of the most important.

Picking a great color palette can really change the way customers see you and how your entire brand looks and feels. When picking your color palette, I always suggest not to use the pre-loaded color swatches that any design software provides in their standard packages. These colors are over-used and very boring. If you want your colors to stand out and be unique, don’t use the obvious.

Another tip for choosing the right colors is to choose more than just one. This way your can use both or all colors in different ways for different marketing materials. I always use a bold color and then a soft neutral together so you have the best of both worlds.

orange khaki

If I was going to make the main color a pumpkin orange, I would pair it with this natural khaki to make the orange pop.

It’s also important to choose a neutral color so that when you are designing your web site or brochure, you can use it to frame colorful photos and bold illustrations without clashing.

When choosing a color for your text, I like to choose another color than black to make the design more interesting. I like to use dark greys or even dark and muddy neutral colors. This makes your overall design more thought out and more modern. But, make sure the color isn’t too light so that the text is readable.

Here are some samples of good text colors:


Another great way to include color in your branding and marketing materials is to use color blocks and colored shapes. They bring a bold feel to the work and when repeated through a design, gives the design a cohesiveness from beginning to end.

And lastly, when it comes to the overall colors in your designs, try to pair your company colors with black and white photos. This can be a fun trick to give your design a different feeling. You can even use photos that have been made into monochrome images using your company colors.

monochrome picture

You can also use colored borders around your images.

Hope these tips help you have fun with your color palette and bring a unique feel to your corporate designs.

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