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I got a new contract freelance job with Premier Kites & Designs as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, which I am so happy to have! I get to do what I love everyday and I get to do it on my schedule and from home. It is such fun work!

Premier makes toys, such as kites & frisbees along with garden art, such as flags, garden spinners & windsocks. Here are the initial sketches I made for the 2 latest products I have created:


They’re called Garden Charms. The first is a Bunny in a Hammock and the second is a Fox in a Hammock. They will be three-dimensional sewn characters made with weather resistant fabrics that hang from a garden flag pole in a hammock for you to display in your garden. This is what the diagrams for the construction of the products for the factory in China to follow:


Fox Garden Charm Construction Diagram

It includes fabric swatch numbers and Pantone Ink colors for screen printing. When the first prototyped sample is made, I will be sure to share!

There are many more Garden Charms you can check out at

Because Premier is in product manufacturing, we also must distribute catalogs to our customers, featuring all of our products for sale. I already got the chance to create a “2017 Accent Home & Garden New Products” mailer. Here are a few of the pages:

New Products Mailer - Premier Kites & Designs

New Products Mailer – Premier Kites & Designs

Along with product design and catalog advertising, there are also all the designs for the packaging of the products and even the instruction sheets that go along with them that we design along with the actual products, but I won’t share any of that with you – it’s pretty boring stuff! But it is still design work and it pays the bills!


6 thoughts on “My New Freelance Gig

    1. Thank you so much – I totally agree! I just happened to get the call from my old boss – I actually used to work at Premier Kites as an intern in college and then for another 2 years, but had been out of touch with them for about 3 years. And luckily I was only freelancing various small jobs when she called so it all worked out amazingly well for me. Plus I get to work at home and now that we are starting a family, it couldn’t be any better than that! Thanks for the support!!

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