Interactive RC Kite Brochure Design

Art & Design

I just finished up this brochure design for the RC (Radio Controlled) Kite line for Premier Kites. We wanted to depart from previous designs that used a dark black grid design which felt rigid & technical to a brighter, more exciting design that better showcases the beauty of the kites. Because the black grid has become part of the actual “branding” for this line of kites, I couldn’t completely remove it from the design. Instead, I reduced the amount the black grid was used & designed some new, brighter background graphics to go with it. I also decided to set the kites against a bright, blue sky background to better show their artistic value.

2016 Premier Kites RC Kite Brochure

2016 Interactive RC Kite Brochure


We also wanted this brochure to showcase the 3 different groups of RC Kites – Generation I, Generation II & 840 Series. To do that visually, I decided to use color & background patterns to definitively separate the 3 groups from one another. In each grouping, I included the RC motor that works with that particular series of kites so the consumer can easily understand which motor goes with which kites.

And lastly, to bring the kites to life, we wanted to include some multimedia aspects to this brochure. Premier has a Vimeo account with many videos of their products in action. So I generated QR Codes that I then inserted into the document next to certain kites that link the products to professionally shot videos. You can even try them out from the screen images now with any QR Code Reader app from the App Store.

I am hoping this new, exciting brochure captures a whole new audience interested in the world of RC Kite flying!


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