New Design for My Baby Shower Invitations

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I just finished designing my Baby Shower invitations & I am loving them – they are too cute!

First thing I did was to do some research for popular themes & I really liked the clothes line theme & illustrations that others are using. So, I drew my own version in my own style with my favorite girly colors – green & pink. My husband, though,  loved the umbrella theme – indicating a “shower”, so I incorporated both.

My Baby Shower Invitation with QR Code

To make my life easy, I decided to make the invites 8.5″ x 3.6″, which comes to approximately 1/3 the size of a standard letter size sheet of paper. This means I can print 3 to a page. Not only did I save money on printing, but this size fits into a standard #10 Envelope. Instead of having to buy specialty envelopes or even the more expensive “invitation” envelopes, I bought a whole box of 100 basic white #10 Envelopes for $13! And I can use the remaining ones for mailing any future letter size correspondence – genius!

QR Code Insert - Target Registry

QR Code Insert – Target Registry

But, the coolest feature I decided to add was the QR Code that sends you directly to my Target Registry. I just learned how to make these in Adobe InDesign. You can make them any size or color you like & program the code to do a few things: show a plain text message, open a web hyperlink, send a text message to a specific number, send an email to a specific email address, or add a person’s contact info directly to the phone. I just drew a square the size I wanted the code to be, clicked “Generate QR Code”, then inputted my registry hyperlink & specified the color to be pink – that was it!

Hope you guys like it as much as I do! Can’t wait for April 9th!

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