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I have some amazing news! On May 11 at 11:35am I gave birth to my first child, Isabelle Ada! She weighed 8 lbs. 1.5 oz., measured 19.5 in. long & was delivered via C section. She is happy, healthy & beautiful.

Isabelle Ada Wilson

Isabelle Ada Wilson

I am completely in love with her & wanted to create some fun artwork to hang on the wall of her nursery, so I decided to design some really cool ladybug artwork.

Here are the vector drawings:

Before she was born, I had stopped by one of our local thrift shops & purchased a few antique gold picture frames to use in the nursery. I decided to print the art at home, but because my printer does not make the highest quality prints, I printed an extra layer on a transparency sheet to boost the colors. Basically 2 copies of the design are lined up & then layered in the frame. It’s a great trick to achieve deep colors from a simple print out from a home printer.

Here is the framed artwork:

I hope Isabelle loves these as much as I do!


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