Hunting “Sit-Upon” Cushion

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My husband is getting into bow hunting with his new crossbow & he asked me if I could make him a rugged but super comfy cushion for sitting on up in the tree stand. He said that these hunting seats can cost up to $80-$100 & if I could get the materials to make him a nice seat for less that I should try….

So I did… And I started by searching for affordable supplies.

I found this awesome outdoor 600 denier waterproof canvas fabric printed with a wooded camouflage pattern for $8.99/yard (I only needed 1 yard) & a 4” thick foam cushion precut to 18” x 18” square for $22.99 – of course I got it all on Amazon. I also knew I needed heavy duty sewing machine needles, but I hit up Walmart for those & dropped another $1.99 for them. I am proud to say that the total cost came to a whopping $34. 

Anyway, here it is:

Jon wanted a handle, so I made one out of the extra fabric cuttings. Now he can easily carry the cushion up into the tree stand along with his crossbow & other hunting supplies. I also added an old plastic D-ring that I salvaged as an extra loop to hook onto the seat.

I am very happy with how it turned out & even happier to say that Jon loves it too. We can’t wait for him to try it out this weekend & maybe even bring home some dinner!





Wind Vane Suncatcher

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Today I decided to do something with my old jewelry – I made this antique wind vane suncatcher:

Wind Vane Sun Catcher Wind Vane Sun Catcher

Hummingbird Tattoo Design

Art & Design

I was recently asked to draw a hummingbird design for a tattoo. I used my iPad Pro, my Apple Pencil (stylus) & the Paper app (by FiftyThree).

I found a beautiful color photo of a hummingbird in flight which I traced over in black & white:

Black & White Digital Drawing

To reduce the amount of black, I opened the file in Photoshop & adjusted the levels:

Brightened Design

Finally, to get the watercolor effect she  requested, I printed the black & white drawing & used a simple Crayola watercolor set to add the color:

Black & White Print with Watercolor

I think the final design looks amazing & she was very pleased. I can’t wait to see the final tattoo!

Mermaid Party!

Art & Design, My Life

My daughter, Isabelle, is getting ready to turn 1 on May 11th & the party planning has begun! I loved “The Little Mermaid” when I was little, so I wanted to do her first birthday party with a mermaid theme. I am already getting in the spirit by creating fun mermaid graphics to use on custom apparel & invitations.

T-Shirt Design

Art & Design

My niece asked me to design a T-shirt graphic for an upcoming family party dubbed the “Burke Bash”. It needed to be simple enough for her aunt to make the shirts with an iron-on vinyl appliqué printing process. She has a special printer that makes custom vinyl stickers that can be applied to plastic, fabric, glass, & metal. Because the party will include men, women & kids, the design needed to be fun, age appropriate plus not gender specific.

I went with a comic book style design that is fun & energetic:

The design is in black & white because I don’t know what color(s) vinyl they will use & leaves that part of the design open-ended. I can’t wait to see the final product!