Mermaid Party!

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My daughter, Isabelle, is getting ready to turn 1 on May 11th & the party planning has begun! I loved “The Little Mermaid” when I was little, so I wanted to do her first birthday party with a mermaid theme. I am already getting in the spirit by creating fun mermaid graphics to use on custom apparel & invitations.

T-Shirt Design

Art & Design

My niece asked me to design a T-shirt graphic for an upcoming family party dubbed the “Burke Bash”. It needed to be simple enough for her aunt to make the shirts with an iron-on vinyl appliqué printing process. She has a special printer that makes custom vinyl stickers that can be applied to plastic, fabric, glass, & metal. Because the party will include men, women & kids, the design needed to be fun, age appropriate plus not gender specific.

I went with a comic book style design that is fun & energetic:

The design is in black & white because I don’t know what color(s) vinyl they will use & leaves that part of the design open-ended. I can’t wait to see the final product!

Final Graphics for

Art & Design

We have decided to forgo creating seasonal promotions to advertise the website so I designed a set of generic all-encompassing graphics to display on the homepage & social media sites year round.

Homepage Slider Images:

Generic Slider Image 1

Generic Slider Image 2

Facbook & Twitter Cover Images:

Generic Cover Image

Social Media Post Graphic:

Generic Social Media Post

Home Page Banner:

Generic Homepage Banner

CAG Annual March Spring Show

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Calvert Artists’ Guild
Annual March Spring Show 
So. Md. Sailing Association, Solomons MD
March 11-12, 2017 – 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.   

 Come join me this weekend – I will be selling some of my artwork!

Maryland Flag Mailbox

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I recently finished painting the Maryland Flag onto our new mailbox for my husband’s birthday present. Here is how I did it:

I first downloaded a free vector drawing of the Maryland Flag design & scaled it to fit the dimensions of the mailbox. I then printed the scaled flag onto clear mylar transparencies. Then to transfer the design onto the box, I perforated the printed line art with an Xacto knife, then laid it over the mailbox & used a Sharpie to stencil the dotted lines onto the mailbox. Finally, I connected the transferred dots with the marker to get the design drawn onto the surface – seen here:

Transferred Design

For better accuracy, I labelled the paint colors of the design with R, W, Y, & B. You can see the progress here of each paint color:

Once I got the first coat done, I had to keep working the design to touch up the edges & add more coats to enrich the colors of the paint. Here is the final coat:

To finish the mailbox, I epoxied cut out paper numbers to the front of the door & then sprayed the entire piece with a weather proof clear coat:

I can’t wait to attach the little red flag & mount it with the other neighborhood mailboxes!

New Client Work: Promotional Postcards

Art & Design

Recently, I was contacted through this site, to create a series of promotional postcards for Angel’s Touch Assisted Living Community in West Friendship, Maryland.

Here is the first design, which I finished before Christmas:

Angel's Touch 4x6 Postcard Design Front Angel's Touch 4x6 Postcard Design Back Launch

Art & Design

I just completed the design & development of my first Shopify built website,! hired me to completely re-design the entire website! I not only chose & then customized the Shopify Classic Theme, but I also re-designed the logo, used the sales spreadsheets of all the products to manually tag & organize all the inventory. I then created the overall site map & menus to best navigate the site – this was not easy. Luckily, the theme I chose allowed space for up to 5 separate menus, so I used this option to best categorize the products. I wanted to separate the Appliqué Flags from the Printed, & then separate the Printed Flags into the many seasonal Subcategories. Lastly, I designed the slider images & the banner graphic on the homepage to make the site design unique. This was a lot of work, but I think it came together nicely!

Home Page:


New Logo Design:


I also created complimentary Facebook & Twitter pages with custom banners to match the seasonal website graphics to give continuity across the platforms.

@OhanaWinds                       Facebook

Feel free to not only check out these pages, but maybe even buy one of my flags (my flags have my signature on the design, but use my maiden name Strong). Thanks!



Refinished Dresser

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Over the weekend, my husband and I decided to refinish our bedroom dresser. My mother had bought this for my nursery when I was born. She got it at a flea market and painted it ivory.

When she passed it on to me, we painted it a light yellow. Since oil based paint is not sold anymore, I had to use latex. This was not a good idea since I used a high gloss latex paint. It ended up drying with a sticky surface, now collecting dust and dirt.

So we started by removing the wooden knobs, then sanding and scraping all the old layers of paint. I even saw the ivory my mom had originally painted it. Then we used spray paint to paint it. Spray paint is the only oil based paint you can buy anymore and luckily we found the exact same light yellow I had used before. This time, though, the finish won’t end up being sticky. Job well done!

DAY 1:

DAY 2: