Maryland Flag Mailbox

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I recently finished painting the Maryland Flag onto our new mailbox for my husband’s birthday present. Here is how I did it:

I first downloaded a free vector drawing of the Maryland Flag design & scaled it to fit the dimensions of the mailbox. I then printed the scaled flag onto clear mylar transparencies. Then to transfer the design onto the box, I perforated the printed line art with an Xacto knife, then laid it over the mailbox & used a Sharpie to stencil the dotted lines onto the mailbox. Finally, I connected the transferred dots with the marker to get the design drawn onto the surface – seen here:

Transferred Design

For better accuracy, I labelled the paint colors of the design with R, W, Y, & B. You can see the progress here of each paint color:

Once I got the first coat done, I had to keep working the design to touch up the edges & add more coats to enrich the colors of the paint. Here is the final coat:

To finish the mailbox, I epoxied cut out paper numbers to the front of the door & then sprayed the entire piece with a weather proof clear coat:

I can’t wait to attach the little red flag & mount it with the other neighborhood mailboxes!


June Garden Tour

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New Roses

Exterior Design, Inspiration, My Life

I’ve added two new Knock Out roses to the side garden, one pink and one cherry! Love them!

Garden Lighting

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Added solar lights to the gardens!




Garden Update

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Today we added mulch to the gardens!

Homemade Tower Trellises

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To grow my morning glories, I created two towers made by tying three bamboo poles together in a teepee form for the vines to grow up.

Potted Plants

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Spray painted my old pots white and planted petunias, marigolds and begonias along with other plants for the front steps.

Panoramas of My Cottage

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Playing around with the Panorama camera on my iPhone and the pictures are really cool. I had to share.

Outdoor Panorama 1 Outdoor Panorama 2 Outdoor Panorama 3 Outdoor Panorama 4 Outdoor Panorama 5 Outdoor Panorama 6 Outdoor Panorama 7 Outdoor Panorama 8