3D Baby Hand & Foot Print Collages

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For those of you who had not seen my last few posts, I recently gave birth to my first daughter, Isabelle Ada. She was born 3 days after Mother’s Day but was 5 1/2 weeks old for Father’s Day this year, so it was time to get creative with the gifts!

My niece Whitney, who is also Isabelle’s Godmother, found a cute craft project on Pinterest to make for my husband for his first Father’s Day gift – create a golf themed 3D collage made with Isabelle’s tiny hand prints to represent blades of grass.

Here is how it turned out:

This in turn inspired me to use her foot prints to create a 3D collage for my father for Father’s Day. He is an avid kayaker, so naturally I created a kayaking scene with her foot prints. The best use of the foot prints in this scene was as the white-water rapids.

Here is the kayaking scene:

I liked the foot prints that I used as the waves in the water so much in my dad’s collage, that I decided to make another one for my husband. I decided to depict a fishing scene, since he also loves to go out on the Chesapeake Bay & fish for Rockfish.

Here is the fishing scene:

I created a final collage, this time for my brother, as a house warming gift. Since my brother loves to play soccer, I created a soccer scene & used her hand prints as the grass in the field. It was fun getting creative with the construction of the goal with yarn, the soccer ball with a shooter marble & the clouds with cotton balls.

Here is the soccer scene:

I really love the way these turned out. It’s a really cool way to memorialize your child & I hope I inspired you all to create your own!


Ellie P. Smith – The Bum Project

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I just found out that I’ve been featured in another’s WordPress blog today! I am more than flattered and I wanted to share the article.

Check out the original article:

Ellie P. Smith

She specifically wrote about my Matisse-like Nudes, and featured these drawings:

Matisse Nude

Matisse Nudes

A huge THANK YOU to the “Ellie P. Smith – The Bum Project” blog for featuring my work!

Check out her entire blog:


New Roses

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I’ve added two new Knock Out roses to the side garden, one pink and one cherry! Love them!

Garden Lighting

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Added solar lights to the gardens!




Garden Update

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Today we added mulch to the gardens!

One Flower, Many Filters

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Flower No Filter
original drawing
different filters

Matisse Nudes

Art & Design, Inspiration, Sketches

iMovie Video