Wind Vane Suncatcher

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Today I decided to do something with my old jewelry – I made this antique wind vane suncatcher:

Wind Vane Sun Catcher Wind Vane Sun Catcher


Refinished Dresser

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Over the weekend, my husband and I decided to refinish our bedroom dresser. My mother had bought this for my nursery when I was born. She got it at a flea market and painted it ivory.

When she passed it on to me, we painted it a light yellow. Since oil based paint is not sold anymore, I had to use latex. This was not a good idea since I used a high gloss latex paint. It ended up drying with a sticky surface, now collecting dust and dirt.

So we started by removing the wooden knobs, then sanding and scraping all the old layers of paint. I even saw the ivory my mom had originally painted it. Then we used spray paint to paint it. Spray paint is the only oil based paint you can buy anymore and luckily we found the exact same light yellow I had used before. This time, though, the finish won’t end up being sticky. Job well done!

DAY 1:

DAY 2:


New Tile Backsplash

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We have added a new subway tile backsplash to our kitchen to enhance the new cabinets. My husband has been working feverishly to get it all done and it looks amazing! We just used a tile adhesive to apply the tile directly to the drywall and then used a simple white grout to fill in the lines.

New Jute Rug

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Just got this beautiful new natural jute rug for the sun porch. Really brings the beach inside.

New Shelves

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New shelves added to kitchen cabinets.

Old Shelves vs New Connected Shelves


Before & After Kitchen Photos

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Before we added the cabinet:


After we hung the cabinet and microwave:


(I need to clean off the cluttered fridge!)

New Kitchen Cabinet

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Today we finished hanging the last cabinet in our kitchen above the stove. Looks so good!

Refinished Kitchen Table

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Refinished my old mahogany kitchen table. I first sanded the table top, then wiped the whole thing down with varsol and finally put two coats of varnish on the top and one coat on the rest. Very easy and the results are great!

Kitchen Table