Hunting “Sit-Upon” Cushion

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My husband is getting into bow hunting with his new crossbow & he asked me if I could make him a rugged but super comfy cushion for sitting on up in the tree stand. He said that these hunting seats can cost up to $80-$100 & if I could get the materials to make him a nice seat for less that I should try….

So I did… And I started by searching for affordable supplies.

I found this awesome outdoor 600 denier waterproof canvas fabric printed with a wooded camouflage pattern for $8.99/yard (I only needed 1 yard) & a 4” thick foam cushion precut to 18” x 18” square for $22.99 – of course I got it all on Amazon. I also knew I needed heavy duty sewing machine needles, but I hit up Walmart for those & dropped another $1.99 for them. I am proud to say that the total cost came to a whopping $34. 

Anyway, here it is:

Jon wanted a handle, so I made one out of the extra fabric cuttings. Now he can easily carry the cushion up into the tree stand along with his crossbow & other hunting supplies. I also added an old plastic D-ring that I salvaged as an extra loop to hook onto the seat.

I am very happy with how it turned out & even happier to say that Jon loves it too. We can’t wait for him to try it out this weekend & maybe even bring home some dinner!





Mermaid Party!

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My daughter, Isabelle, is getting ready to turn 1 on May 11th & the party planning has begun! I loved “The Little Mermaid” when I was little, so I wanted to do her first birthday party with a mermaid theme. I am already getting in the spirit by creating fun mermaid graphics to use on custom apparel & invitations.

Maryland Flag Mailbox

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I recently finished painting the Maryland Flag onto our new mailbox for my husband’s birthday present. Here is how I did it:

I first downloaded a free vector drawing of the Maryland Flag design & scaled it to fit the dimensions of the mailbox. I then printed the scaled flag onto clear mylar transparencies. Then to transfer the design onto the box, I perforated the printed line art with an Xacto knife, then laid it over the mailbox & used a Sharpie to stencil the dotted lines onto the mailbox. Finally, I connected the transferred dots with the marker to get the design drawn onto the surface – seen here:

Transferred Design

For better accuracy, I labelled the paint colors of the design with R, W, Y, & B. You can see the progress here of each paint color:

Once I got the first coat done, I had to keep working the design to touch up the edges & add more coats to enrich the colors of the paint. Here is the final coat:

To finish the mailbox, I epoxied cut out paper numbers to the front of the door & then sprayed the entire piece with a weather proof clear coat:

I can’t wait to attach the little red flag & mount it with the other neighborhood mailboxes!

Refinished Dresser

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Over the weekend, my husband and I decided to refinish our bedroom dresser. My mother had bought this for my nursery when I was born. She got it at a flea market and painted it ivory.

When she passed it on to me, we painted it a light yellow. Since oil based paint is not sold anymore, I had to use latex. This was not a good idea since I used a high gloss latex paint. It ended up drying with a sticky surface, now collecting dust and dirt.

So we started by removing the wooden knobs, then sanding and scraping all the old layers of paint. I even saw the ivory my mom had originally painted it. Then we used spray paint to paint it. Spray paint is the only oil based paint you can buy anymore and luckily we found the exact same light yellow I had used before. This time, though, the finish won’t end up being sticky. Job well done!

DAY 1:

DAY 2:


3D Baby Hand & Foot Print Collages

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For those of you who had not seen my last few posts, I recently gave birth to my first daughter, Isabelle Ada. She was born 3 days after Mother’s Day but was 5 1/2 weeks old for Father’s Day this year, so it was time to get creative with the gifts!

My niece Whitney, who is also Isabelle’s Godmother, found a cute craft project on Pinterest to make for my husband for his first Father’s Day gift – create a golf themed 3D collage made with Isabelle’s tiny hand prints to represent blades of grass.

Here is how it turned out:

This in turn inspired me to use her foot prints to create a 3D collage for my father for Father’s Day. He is an avid kayaker, so naturally I created a kayaking scene with her foot prints. The best use of the foot prints in this scene was as the white-water rapids.

Here is the kayaking scene:

I liked the foot prints that I used as the waves in the water so much in my dad’s collage, that I decided to make another one for my husband. I decided to depict a fishing scene, since he also loves to go out on the Chesapeake Bay & fish for Rockfish.

Here is the fishing scene:

I created a final collage, this time for my brother, as a house warming gift. Since my brother loves to play soccer, I created a soccer scene & used her hand prints as the grass in the field. It was fun getting creative with the construction of the goal with yarn, the soccer ball with a shooter marble & the clouds with cotton balls.

Here is the soccer scene:

I really love the way these turned out. It’s a really cool way to memorialize your child & I hope I inspired you all to create your own!

Ladybug Art

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I have some amazing news! On May 11 at 11:35am I gave birth to my first child, Isabelle Ada! She weighed 8 lbs. 1.5 oz., measured 19.5 in. long & was delivered via C section. She is happy, healthy & beautiful.

Isabelle Ada Wilson

Isabelle Ada Wilson

I am completely in love with her & wanted to create some fun artwork to hang on the wall of her nursery, so I decided to design some really cool ladybug artwork.

Here are the vector drawings:

Before she was born, I had stopped by one of our local thrift shops & purchased a few antique gold picture frames to use in the nursery. I decided to print the art at home, but because my printer does not make the highest quality prints, I printed an extra layer on a transparency sheet to boost the colors. Basically 2 copies of the design are lined up & then layered in the frame. It’s a great trick to achieve deep colors from a simple print out from a home printer.

Here is the framed artwork:

I hope Isabelle loves these as much as I do!

Ellie P. Smith – The Bum Project

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I just found out that I’ve been featured in another’s WordPress blog today! I am more than flattered and I wanted to share the article.

Check out the original article:

Ellie P. Smith

She specifically wrote about my Matisse-like Nudes, and featured these drawings:

Matisse Nude

Matisse Nudes

A huge THANK YOU to the “Ellie P. Smith – The Bum Project” blog for featuring my work!

Check out her entire blog:


New Design for My Baby Shower Invitations

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I just finished designing my Baby Shower invitations & I am loving them – they are too cute!

First thing I did was to do some research for popular themes & I really liked the clothes line theme & illustrations that others are using. So, I drew my own version in my own style with my favorite girly colors – green & pink. My husband, though,  loved the umbrella theme – indicating a “shower”, so I incorporated both.

My Baby Shower Invitation with QR Code

To make my life easy, I decided to make the invites 8.5″ x 3.6″, which comes to approximately 1/3 the size of a standard letter size sheet of paper. This means I can print 3 to a page. Not only did I save money on printing, but this size fits into a standard #10 Envelope. Instead of having to buy specialty envelopes or even the more expensive “invitation” envelopes, I bought a whole box of 100 basic white #10 Envelopes for $13! And I can use the remaining ones for mailing any future letter size correspondence – genius!

QR Code Insert - Target Registry

QR Code Insert – Target Registry

But, the coolest feature I decided to add was the QR Code that sends you directly to my Target Registry. I just learned how to make these in Adobe InDesign. You can make them any size or color you like & program the code to do a few things: show a plain text message, open a web hyperlink, send a text message to a specific number, send an email to a specific email address, or add a person’s contact info directly to the phone. I just drew a square the size I wanted the code to be, clicked “Generate QR Code”, then inputted my registry hyperlink & specified the color to be pink – that was it!

Hope you guys like it as much as I do! Can’t wait for April 9th!

The Big News

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I also wanted to share with all of you this amazing thing that is happening to my husband and I…


We finally took the plunge!

My New Freelance Gig

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I got a new contract freelance job with Premier Kites & Designs as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, which I am so happy to have! I get to do what I love everyday and I get to do it on my schedule and from home. It is such fun work!

Premier makes toys, such as kites & frisbees along with garden art, such as flags, garden spinners & windsocks. Here are the initial sketches I made for the 2 latest products I have created:


They’re called Garden Charms. The first is a Bunny in a Hammock and the second is a Fox in a Hammock. They will be three-dimensional sewn characters made with weather resistant fabrics that hang from a garden flag pole in a hammock for you to display in your garden. This is what the diagrams for the construction of the products for the factory in China to follow:


Fox Garden Charm Construction Diagram

It includes fabric swatch numbers and Pantone Ink colors for screen printing. When the first prototyped sample is made, I will be sure to share!

There are many more Garden Charms you can check out at

Because Premier is in product manufacturing, we also must distribute catalogs to our customers, featuring all of our products for sale. I already got the chance to create a “2017 Accent Home & Garden New Products” mailer. Here are a few of the pages:

New Products Mailer - Premier Kites & Designs

New Products Mailer – Premier Kites & Designs

Along with product design and catalog advertising, there are also all the designs for the packaging of the products and even the instruction sheets that go along with them that we design along with the actual products, but I won’t share any of that with you – it’s pretty boring stuff! But it is still design work and it pays the bills!